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What Can You Do If Your PPI Claims Are Taking A Long Time?

Some people have a growing frustration about ppi claims (particularly people that choose to make a claim without the use of a company), and want them to complete faster.

First of all, there are some things that these people must understand:

1/ You, or anyone one else be it a claims advisor, or a representative from a company that has mis sold ppi is always subject to time issues, this can be someone in administration who has not yet had chance to put through some paperwork, or it can be something that is waiting on a decision from another department or something of that nature, the only thing you can do in this instance is wait, and after a period of time, perhaps contact the institution you are dealing with to try to expedite any issues. (this is not something that people who use a claims’ management company often encounter, as their expectations are managed throughout and there is someone who will handle the chasing for them).

2/ Volume of claims in a backlog, there is currently no backlog in ppi claims, however these can mount up quickly so be aware of this when managing your own expectations around how quickly you’ll get a refund.

3/ Have you given the company you are dealing with all of the information they have requested? There have been instances where people have been waiting on updates when staff members from various banks have been waiting on further details from the claimants, and they haven’t been aware of that fact, it could be worth checking and confirming that the firm have all of the information they need from you and aren’t awaiting further feedback.

In addition to understanding the above points, there are things that you could do that could be of value, such as the following:

1/ Look through your paperwork a second and third time to see if there is any additional information whatsoever that can be useful to the institution you are looking to claim compensation from, there could be details you have missed, or even additional claims for you to submit.

2/ Contact the ombudsman? You could be at a stage of proceedings where it would be better to contact the ombudsman and let them investigate the practices of the institution you are dealing with, by law they must have feedback for you within a certain time frame because if they don’t it is classed as neglect of duty, it could even be an issue for the Office of fair trading.

3/ Chase up, if you are handling your own ppi claim, you might need to chase up with the people/representatives/staff members that you are awaiting information from, sometimes you need to give people a gentle push in the right direction in order for you to get what your looking for a little faster, bear this in mind when considering timescales and the amount of time it is taking the offending institution in getting back to you.

Taking all of the above points into consideration, it is important also to be patient, however, you also need to make sure that your concerns are being dealt with, take a balanced approach towards any contact you have with these agents and third parties, this will be key to getting things done quickly (constantly harassing people is rarely helpful, but don’t let them get away with being negligent is the shortened message).

Of course the above concerns would be less of an issue if you have someone else handling the claim for you, which is something you should weigh (ideally before you submit the claim in the first instance) however don’t be shy about getting in touch with a claims’ management company if you feel that you would benefit from their assistance.

Our company handles these issues for you so you don’t have to, make contact with us to find out if we can help you with your case, minimise any hassle you are experiencing and (in the event you have a real claim) getting compensation for you, by acting on your behalf.