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We Can Re-Open Old PPI Claims “Goodwill Payments” & Other Issues

Here at Claimlion Law we have the ability to re-open old PPI claims that have had a less than satisfactory conclusion (more specifics on this below).

Goodwill Payments

In many previously completed ppi claims, a number of previous claimants have reported that they have received “goodwill payments” or “goodwill settlement figures”, this is generally where the company that miss sold the payment protection insuance policy to you in the first place has provided you with a figure that doesn’t represent the true value of the claim but does provide a “settlement figure” to individuals (some have described this as a way to “fob off” victims of miss sold PPI).

The Good News For People Whom Have Received “Goodwill settlement figures”

We can help you – we have dealt with a number of issues relating to individuals whom have received these payments in place of a proper compensation reimbursement, and we have been able to facilitate the award of proper, appropriate levels of compensation plus interest.

Had A PPI Claim Previously Refused?

This is another situation we have encountered in our time as PPI claims solicitors, we can help if you have had a claim refused by the banks and other corporations that have brokered out PPI to the general British Public.

See our Had A PPI Claim Rejected? page for further information about how we can help you.

PPI Underpaid? Underpaid PPI Compensation?

Another issue we have encountered during our time working as a PPI claim company (solicitors) is the issue of underpaid PPI compensation, many people have been paid compensation amounts that are inappropriately lower than the sum of money they should have been awarded if the claim had gone through as it should (a proper compensation claim).

We can help you if you have been underpaid in a PPI refund, get in touch with us for our help in this matter.

Alternative Redress – Comparative Redress

What Is Alternative & Comparative Redress?

Alternative redress & comparative redress are when the banks and/or other financial corporations that miss sold the PPI to you refund you an estimate of the compensation that would be owed to you (should your claim be a success) however, the problem here is that in many cases individuals have received this alternative or comparative sum of money in compensation but the sum has been much lower than what they should have been awarded in a fair and just PPI claim.

The good news is that if this is you (or if you have been a victim of this or ANY of the other issues raised above on this page) it is likely we can help you reclaim compensation.

Simply submit your contact details on the form above and we would be happy to help you, all on a no win no fee basis.

Had A Failed PPI Claim?

Had a claim that has just failed or fallen by the wayside? We can also help you with failed claims.

With a failed PPI complaint – nothing is guaranteed, but we would be happy to investigate on your behalf – no win no fee.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Affected By Any Of The Above Issues?

If you have received an offer letter with the words “comparative redress” or “alternative redress” or if you have been offered a fast track settlement figure or offer with a sum of money similar to £500 or £700 you could have been affected.

There may have been justifications provided for a comparative redress payment but this may not be valid, what may be helpful for you is to seek expert advice on the issue, from professionals whom have dealt with such matters on a daily basis for years. (we have done this).

We have been fortunate enough to deal with a lot of PPI claims we have been able to re-open in the past few years and have enjoyed extensive experience in dealing with them.

If you are in any doubts or suspicions you may have been underpaid PPI or unfairly dealt with in relation to a possible claim, feel free to get in touch using the form above and we would be happy to assist you further on a no win no fee basis.

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