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PPI Checker, FREE Way To Find Out

Are you wondering if you’ve had PPI?

Use our form above to check if you’ve had miss sold payment protection insurance.

What Happens Once I’ve Put In My Details?

Once you input your details into the PPI checker we will get in touch with you for an initial conversation (otherwise known as ‘Welcome call’).

Don’t worry, at this point there is absolutely no obligation & we can check to see if you’ve had PPI, any work done on PPI claims is done on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so we only collect a success fee if the claim is successfully completed and paid out.

Once the initial call is completed we can proceed and check if you have PPI attached to any of the different forms of credit you may have taken out, be it loans, credit cards or mortgages.

If It Turns Out I Have PPI, How Much Can I Win?

The amount of compensation can vary from person to person due to factors such as, how many claims you have, type of PPI policy present (is it a loan, mortgage, or credit card) and the length of the time you paid into the PPI policy.

Average compensation for a single claim is approximately £2,750 however it can be considerably more, and it may be found that you have more than one claim, some people have multiple PPI claims that are eligible for compensation.

How Likely Is It That I’m Found To Have PPI?

The likelihood of PPI being found is a difficult metric to put an answer to, because people in many different situations attempt to reclaim ppi compensation.

With the nature of this PPI claims service being carried out on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, you needn’t worry about any upfront costs, or fees, this should be an incentive for people suspecting they have been miss sold PPI to input their details for a no obligation service to see if they can claim for PPI.

What If I Don’t Have The Paperwork?

This is not necessarily an issue, see this page for more information about claiming PPI without paperwork.
We can work with PPI claims where the paperwork is not available.

Do I Have A Deadline To Claim?

Yes there is a deadline in place, official PPI deadline is August 29th 2019, all claims must be in by then otherwise they will not be accepted, so it is important to move fast if you have not yet submitted a claim.

So far, this is the date where after which no claims will be accepted. To make a claim now use the form to the upper right side of the page.

I’m Not Sure If I’ve Had PPI?

If no PPI is found, the claim will not be successful, however if you’re not sure of this a good way to find out is to make contact with us.

With our service being a ‘no win no fee’ claim & you only being contracted to pay us in the event of a successful claim once you’ve signed, this can be considered an attractive proposition for many who wish to reclaim compensation.

Whilst using a PPI claims company is entirely optional, we would urge you as much as possible to take action whether you decide to use a company or start proceedings yourself, and if time is a priority (with the deadline looming time will be a factor) then we would urge you to start proceedings ASAP to avoid any delays.

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To get in touch with us now, use the form at the top of the page to start your claim or find out if you have miss sold PPI.