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Plevin Vs Paragon Ruling & What It Means For PPI Claims

This article covers the plevin vs paragon ruling & what it means for PPI claimants past, present and future.

First of all, what is Plevin Vs Paragon?

Plevin is a legal case which takes into account the opposing views as to whether or not the commissions earned by the agents involved in the miss sale of payment protection insurance (PPI) are just, fair and proportionate.

How Did Plevin Vs Paragon Get Started?

The “Plevin vs Paragon” legal case begun when a retired college lecturer names Susan Plevin took legal action against Paragon personal finance when she discovered that almost 72% of the PPI contributions paid into a PPI policy she had taken out were paid as commission to Paragon personal finance (a company acting as a PPI broker for Norwich Union).

Plevins’ primary objection was that the failure to provide any disclosure as to the vigorous rate of commission being paid to Paragon personal finance was unjust and therefore should result in a reimbursement of the full PPI premium plus interest.

In 2014, the case went to the Supreme Court during which judge Lord Sumption agreed with Plevins’ objections. It was subsequently ruled that if a PPI broker failed to disclose to a customer that it had received a large commission from the product provider, the sale was deemed unfair under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act (CCA). This changes things for people yet to claim PPI AND for people that may have already claimed PPI.

What This May Mean For Your PPI Claim

The FCA (which acts as the financial services industry watchdog) ruled that any levels of commission over 50% is unfair, and this gives people with previous PPI claims new abilities and fresh entitlement to claim PPI compensation.

PPI Claims In The Past That Have Been Rejected?

If you have had a claim previously rejected you may be able to now claim due to this new ruling (for assistance on this get in touch with us, we can help you claim compensation if you are eligible).

PPI Claims Already Completed?

Interestingly, there have been large numbers of people given what is commonly known as a “Goodwill Payment”, if this has been your experience with an old PPI claim then you should get into contact with us, as we may be able to help you re-open the old claim and pursue additional compensation on top of what you have received already.

Why You May Wish To Use A PPI Claims Company Like Ours

Unlike other companies’ we are actually “PPI claims solicitors” meaning we have additional abilities that enable us to facilitate successful payment protection insurance claims for members of the British public, to find out more about how we can help you get in touch with us using the form at the top of the page.


You may be aware at the moment there is a “PPI Claims Deadline” in effect that is set to come into being on the 29th August 2019, act fast to avoid queues for compensation.

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