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How To Make A PPI Claim, Both Free & Paid Methods

This article is for people asking themselves questions such as:

“What are the ways in which I can make a PPI claim?”
“How can I make a PPI Claim?”
“How can I get some help with a Claim?”

& other questions related to the above.

This page details how you can make a PPI claim, you can make a PPI claim in two essentially different ways.

1) You can either make a claim for free
2) Or you can pay expert PPI claims solicitors to make a PPI claim on your behalf

A) Making a PPI claim for free

Is this possible?

Yes. It is possible to reclaim compensation for miss sold payment protection insurance for free.

How easy is it to do this?

This is a question that can only be answered with a review on your particular PPI claim. If you have a claim that is by it’s very nature “straightforward” and you have all of the paperwork and understand exactly how to contact the related authorities and chase your PPI claim, then it may be a good option for you.

However not all PPI reclaims are created equal.

Not all (in fact a huge amount) of PPI claims require much more than “sending a letter to the bank” as certain third parties may lead you to believe.

That is why PPI claim companies like us exist, to help people to facilitate successful claims, on a no win no fee basis.

How much hassle is it to claim PPI for Free?

Many PPI claims require legal pursuits, submission to the FOS (Financial ombudsman service) multiple attempts to claim (it is an unfortunate fact that many individuals whom have tried to claim by themselves have been refused compensation by the banks and these claims have been later upheld) and other issues not listed here.

There is also the personal administration, the chasing of the claims themselves, the pursuit of the successful payout and all correspondence relating to the process as a whole.

If you wish to make a PPI claim for free by yourself we wish you well, however if you would prefer to have expert support from individuals dealing with PPI claims on a daily basis whom are qualified PPI claims solicitors working in a reputable PPI claims management company that has won more than £30m in compensation then feel free to read on to find out more about alternatives.

B) Using A PPI Claims Company To Make A Claim

If you use us as a PPI claims firm to represent you in your complaint on your behalf you reap the benefits of the following:

a) A Team of trained solicitors whom have experience in dealing with claims from all kinds of PPI brokers, banks and other corporate entities that have miss sold payment protection insurance for years to members of the British public.

b) Our experience in dealing with the banks and other corporations being difficult and rejecting claims, as PPI solicitors we have the authority to not only force the banks to investigate PPI claims but also to “RE-investigate” PPI claims, meaning that if you have had a claim that has been previously rejected, there is a chance we can help you turnaround a successful compensation payout despite that fact.

c) We handle the personal administration, all correspondence in relation to the claim, all chasing up and any potential submissions of your claim to the FOS (Financial ombudsman service) and any other related financial institutions, in short, we pursue your claim through to either a completion or a situation where there is no claim to be pursued.

d) We expedite the process of the claims’ submission and proactively act on your behalf (as much as possible) to push these claims through to completion (in the event there is a valid claim)

e) We operate on a no win no fee basis, there are no upfront charges with our service.

If you have a PPI claim or you suspect you have been miss sold PPI, get in touch with us using the PPI claims form at the top of the page, from there we will then get in touch with you to make arrangements to begin a potential PPI reclaim or investigate further to find out if you have a valid claim.

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