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How To Make A PPI Claim, Both Free & Paid Methods

October 1st, 2017 by

This article is for people asking themselves questions such as:

“What are the ways in which I can make a PPI claim?”
“How can I make a PPI Claim?”
“How can I get some help with a Claim?”

& other questions related to the above.

This page details how you can make a PPI claim, you can make a PPI claim in two essentially different ways.

1) You can either make a claim for free
2) Or you can pay expert PPI claims solicitors to make a PPI claim on your behalf

A) Making a PPI claim for free

Is this possible?

Yes. It is possible to reclaim compensation for miss sold payment protection insurance for free.

How easy is it to do this?

This is a question that can only be answered with a review on your particular PPI claim. If you have a claim that is by it’s very nature “straightforward” and you have all of the paperwork and understand exactly how to contact the related authorities and chase your PPI claim, then it may be a good option for you.

However not all PPI reclaims are created equal.

Not all (in fact a huge amount) of PPI claims require much more than “sending a letter to the bank” as certain third parties may lead you to believe.

That is why PPI claim companies like us exist, to help people to facilitate successful claims, on a no win no fee basis.

How much hassle is it to claim PPI for Free?

Many PPI claims require legal pursuits, submission to the FOS (Financial ombudsman service) multiple attempts to claim (it is an unfortunate fact that many individuals whom have tried to claim by themselves have been refused compensation by the banks and these claims have been later upheld) and other issues not listed here.

There is also the personal administration, the chasing of the claims themselves, the pursuit of the successful payout and all correspondence relating to the process as a whole.

If you wish to make a PPI claim for free by yourself we wish you well, however if you would prefer to have expert support from individuals dealing with PPI claims on a daily basis whom are qualified PPI claims solicitors working in a reputable PPI claims management company that has won more than £30m in compensation then feel free to read on to find out more about alternatives.

B) Using A PPI Claims Company To Make A Claim

If you use us as a PPI claims firm to represent you in your complaint on your behalf you reap the benefits of the following:

a) A Team of trained solicitors whom have experience in dealing with claims from all kinds of PPI brokers, banks and other corporate entities that have miss sold payment protection insurance for years to members of the British public.

b) Our experience in dealing with the banks and other corporations being difficult and rejecting claims, as PPI solicitors we have the authority to not only force the banks to investigate PPI claims but also to “RE-investigate” PPI claims, meaning that if you have had a claim that has been previously rejected, there is a chance we can help you turnaround a successful compensation payout despite that fact.

c) We handle the personal administration, all correspondence in relation to the claim, all chasing up and any potential submissions of your claim to the FOS (Financial ombudsman service) and any other related financial institutions, in short, we pursue your claim through to either a completion or a situation where there is no claim to be pursued.

d) We expedite the process of the claims’ submission and proactively act on your behalf (as much as possible) to push these claims through to completion (in the event there is a valid claim)

e) We operate on a no win no fee basis, there are no upfront charges with our service.

If you have a PPI claim or you suspect you have been miss sold PPI, get in touch with us using the PPI claims form at the top of the page, from there we will then get in touch with you to make arrangements to begin a potential PPI reclaim or investigate further to find out if you have a valid claim.

Free PPI Check – Act Now Before The Deadline – Actual PPI Solicitors

October 1st, 2017 by

If you’re looking for a free PPI check to find out if you are owed PPI compensation then look no further.

We offer a free PPI checker service to find out if you are owed PPI, then you have the option to make a claim for miss sold PPI with us making a claim for you on a no win no fee basis.

How Do I Make My Free PPI Claims Check?

Simply use the contact form at the top of the page and we will check and assess whether or not you have viable PPI claims to pursue, if so we will then give you the option to make a claim with us (no win no fee as standard) and we can then proceed and claim your PPI compensation on your behalf.

Why Should I Consider Using Your PPI Claim Check Service?

This is basically our standard PPI reclaims service as we check all potential claims as standard, if you’re looking for reasons to claim compensation for PPI, some good reasons for that are as follows:

1) PPI compensation is a right to all people whom have been miss sold payment protection insurance from the ruling of the judicial review.
2) We are actual PPI Claims Solicitors meaning we have the authority to force responses and in many cases we are able to force the banks to re-open previously closed PPI claims.
3) We have claimed in excess of £30m for victims of PPI Mis-selling, we may also be able to help you claim £1000s in compensation.
4) The deadline is now in place for all new claims (August 2019), it’s time to act before you miss the opportunity.
5) On moral grounds you should not allow corporations to get away with mis-selling practices, reclaiming your compensation you not only do your part in bringing justice to this issue, but you also get yourself some compensation (assuming a valid PPI claim is found).

How Long Does It Take To Successfully Claim?

Claims can typically take anything from 4-16 weeks, sometimes longer time-frames, sometimes much faster, however working with us on your claim will ensure your case is dealt with as swiftly and as painlessly as possible.

How Much Compensation Am I Eligible To Receive?

Compensation scales are typically anything between £1,000-£5,000 and claims can be much higher, there have been occasions where people have been awarded compensation in excess of £60,000, many of the larger claims have been above £10,000 also.

The amount of compensation you receive will be largely dependent on the type of finance and the amount of money you paid into your payment protection insurance premiums, the more money you paid into your PPI policy, the more compensation you may be eligible to receive (to find out how much you are owed it is best to get in touch with us for further information).

How We Differ To Other PPI Companies?

Ways in which we are different to other PPI claims companies are as follows:

1) We are actual claims management solicitors with years of experience in handling payment protection insurance claims of every type with practically every company that ever miss sold PPI.
2) We offer a full no win no fee claims service enabling us to check for valid claims before entering into an agreement with the customer, we will only proceed with a claim if there is a valid claim present.
3) We have significant in-house resources we commit specifically to PPI claims, meaning that each and every claim that comes through will receive as much attention as it needs to be seen through to a successful conclusion (an award in compensation in the event of a valid claim).
4) We can and have re-opened previously attempted claims
5) Claim rejected in the past? No problem we can work with cases that were previously rejected by the banks.

You can claim compensation for PPI whether you have had a loan, mortgage, credit card, store card and other types of finance, one thing to look out for in particular is terminology such as “accident sickness cover” “payment cover” and “mortgage payment protection”, these are other commonly used phrases to describe PPI.

If you would like to make a claim now with an expert PPI company start now using the form at the top of the page.

We Can Re-Open Old PPI Claims “Goodwill Payments” & Other Issues

October 1st, 2017 by

Here at Claimlion Law we have the ability to re-open old PPI claims that have had a less than satisfactory conclusion (more specifics on this below).

Goodwill Payments

In many previously completed ppi claims, a number of previous claimants have reported that they have received “goodwill payments” or “goodwill settlement figures”, this is generally where the company that miss sold the payment protection insuance policy to you in the first place has provided you with a figure that doesn’t represent the true value of the claim but does provide a “settlement figure” to individuals (some have described this as a way to “fob off” victims of miss sold PPI).

The Good News For People Whom Have Received “Goodwill settlement figures”

We can help you – we have dealt with a number of issues relating to individuals whom have received these payments in place of a proper compensation reimbursement, and we have been able to facilitate the award of proper, appropriate levels of compensation plus interest.

Had A PPI Claim Previously Refused?

This is another situation we have encountered in our time as PPI claims solicitors, we can help if you have had a claim refused by the banks and other corporations that have brokered out PPI to the general British Public.

See our Had A PPI Claim Rejected? page for further information about how we can help you.

PPI Underpaid? Underpaid PPI Compensation?

Another issue we have encountered during our time working as a PPI claim company (solicitors) is the issue of underpaid PPI compensation, many people have been paid compensation amounts that are inappropriately lower than the sum of money they should have been awarded if the claim had gone through as it should (a proper compensation claim).

We can help you if you have been underpaid in a PPI refund, get in touch with us for our help in this matter.

Alternative Redress – Comparative Redress

What Is Alternative & Comparative Redress?

Alternative redress & comparative redress are when the banks and/or other financial corporations that miss sold the PPI to you refund you an estimate of the compensation that would be owed to you (should your claim be a success) however, the problem here is that in many cases individuals have received this alternative or comparative sum of money in compensation but the sum has been much lower than what they should have been awarded in a fair and just PPI claim.

The good news is that if this is you (or if you have been a victim of this or ANY of the other issues raised above on this page) it is likely we can help you reclaim compensation.

Simply submit your contact details on the form above and we would be happy to help you, all on a no win no fee basis.

Had A Failed PPI Claim?

Had a claim that has just failed or fallen by the wayside? We can also help you with failed claims.

With a failed PPI complaint – nothing is guaranteed, but we would be happy to investigate on your behalf – no win no fee.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Affected By Any Of The Above Issues?

If you have received an offer letter with the words “comparative redress” or “alternative redress” or if you have been offered a fast track settlement figure or offer with a sum of money similar to £500 or £700 you could have been affected.

There may have been justifications provided for a comparative redress payment but this may not be valid, what may be helpful for you is to seek expert advice on the issue, from professionals whom have dealt with such matters on a daily basis for years. (we have done this).

We have been fortunate enough to deal with a lot of PPI claims we have been able to re-open in the past few years and have enjoyed extensive experience in dealing with them.

If you are in any doubts or suspicions you may have been underpaid PPI or unfairly dealt with in relation to a possible claim, feel free to get in touch using the form above and we would be happy to assist you further on a no win no fee basis.

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Plevin Vs Paragon Ruling & What It Means For PPI Claims

September 30th, 2017 by

This article covers the plevin vs paragon ruling & what it means for PPI claimants past, present and future.

First of all, what is Plevin Vs Paragon?

Plevin is a legal case which takes into account the opposing views as to whether or not the commissions earned by the agents involved in the miss sale of payment protection insurance (PPI) are just, fair and proportionate.

How Did Plevin Vs Paragon Get Started?

The “Plevin vs Paragon” legal case begun when a retired college lecturer names Susan Plevin took legal action against Paragon personal finance when she discovered that almost 72% of the PPI contributions paid into a PPI policy she had taken out were paid as commission to Paragon personal finance (a company acting as a PPI broker for Norwich Union).

Plevins’ primary objection was that the failure to provide any disclosure as to the vigorous rate of commission being paid to Paragon personal finance was unjust and therefore should result in a reimbursement of the full PPI premium plus interest.

In 2014, the case went to the Supreme Court during which judge Lord Sumption agreed with Plevins’ objections. It was subsequently ruled that if a PPI broker failed to disclose to a customer that it had received a large commission from the product provider, the sale was deemed unfair under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act (CCA). This changes things for people yet to claim PPI AND for people that may have already claimed PPI.

What This May Mean For Your PPI Claim

The FCA (which acts as the financial services industry watchdog) ruled that any levels of commission over 50% is unfair, and this gives people with previous PPI claims new abilities and fresh entitlement to claim PPI compensation.

PPI Claims In The Past That Have Been Rejected?

If you have had a claim previously rejected you may be able to now claim due to this new ruling (for assistance on this get in touch with us, we can help you claim compensation if you are eligible).

PPI Claims Already Completed?

Interestingly, there have been large numbers of people given what is commonly known as a “Goodwill Payment”, if this has been your experience with an old PPI claim then you should get into contact with us, as we may be able to help you re-open the old claim and pursue additional compensation on top of what you have received already.

Why You May Wish To Use A PPI Claims Company Like Ours

Unlike other companies’ we are actually “PPI claims solicitors” meaning we have additional abilities that enable us to facilitate successful payment protection insurance claims for members of the British public, to find out more about how we can help you get in touch with us using the form at the top of the page.


You may be aware at the moment there is a “PPI Claims Deadline” in effect that is set to come into being on the 29th August 2019, act fast to avoid queues for compensation.

Get in touch now using the form at the top of the page.

How Much PPI Compensation Am I Owed?

September 16th, 2017 by

If you’re eligible to claim PPI compensation you could be owed £1000s, here we will give you a vague idea of what you could be owed if you successfully reclaim your PPI with us.

Some Clients Experiences

There have been successful claims that have completed and have awarded people in excess of £60,000 in compensation, this is not a typical figure for an average PPI claim, however it is possible for people to claim vast sums of money if they have it due in compensation.

Average Claims Values

The average value of a PPI claim is considered to be somewhere in the region of £2,750, however many people have more than 1 PPI claim, and not only this, the sum of money owed for each claim can be much higher (like the example above), the sum of money can also be lower, but there may also be multiple claims.

It may be misleading to give you an exact figure on the amount of money you may be owed, so instead we choose to give you detail and some elaboration around what you could be owed, but it’s probably more accurate to get in touch with us so we can investigate on your behalf, this way you maximise our expertise, and all work on your potential claim is done on a no win no fee basis (should you decide to use a claims management company).

Individual Differences In Claims

Each PPI case from one person to the next will differ on a case by case basis so it is not accurate to make too much of an assumption as to how much compensation you could stand to win, you can get a better idea of this by contacting our expert PPI claims solicitors, they can not only investigate your claim on your behalf on a no win no fee basis, but they may also be able to give you an overview of the amount of compensation you could be owed as a PPI refund.

We Claim PPI Payments Plus Interest

We also claim charges and the statutory rate of interest, (this is the rate of 8%) so you would not only be due compensation for your contributions to the miss sold PPI policy, but interest added on top of that figure.

Types Of PPI Policy And The Impact On The Refund Amount

Generally mortgage PPI claims tend to be larger sums of money due to the insurance contributions being larger and the loan length generally being more long term than other types of PPI claim, however with this being said, other types of PPI claim can often complete faster, so each type of claim has its’ own unique characteristics.

It is worth claiming whichever type of claim you are pursuing. We have also seen large amounts of money reclaimed for both loan arrangements and credit cards etc.

If you would like to reclaim your miss sold PPI compensation, get in touch with us now using the form at the top of the page, all claims are no win no fee, we have expert solicitors ready and able to help you.

How Do I Know If I Can Make A PPI Claim?

September 15th, 2017 by

Many people asking themselves the question “How do I know if I can claim PPI” or other similar questions like: “How Do I Know If I Am Eligible For PPI Compensation?” Or “How Can I Find Out If I Have A PPI Claim?” should all read the below information.

Finding Out If You Can Make A PPI Claim

We make it simple:

One of the ways in which we are different from other types of PPI claims company is the fact we are actual expert PPI solicitors who deal with claims on a daily basis and have done so for a number of years.

A bit about us:

Our experience and the fact we are solicitors first and foremost, enable us to check if you have a valid PPI claim, this means that rather than you spending your own time investigating whether or not you have PPI (checking through your old loan/mortgage or credit card paperwork or chasing it up with the banks etc) we can do this on your behalf as part of our service.

Take note:

Simply put, if you have had a loan, mortgage, or credit card in the past 10 years (or more, there have been claims dating back well before then which have been successful so don’t let time be a deterrent) then it may be worth contacting us to find out if you have a claim (especially if you seem to remember paying into something other than the standard repayments).

How Likely?

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people who have ever taken out finance in the past 15 years in Britain have been miss sold payment protection insurance, it is a matter worth investigating if you have suspicions you have been miss sold (especially since we offer our service on a “no win no fee” basis, enabling you to pay nothing upfront for our legal service).

Don’t Have The Paperwork?

Don’t worry, we can still work with you on your claim.

Had a Claim Previously Rejected?

Don’t worry, we can force the banks and other financial corporations to re-open a PPI claim, we may still be able to help you.

Been Discharged From An IVA, Debt Management, Or Bankruptcy?

Get in touch with us to find out if we can help you, if you have been discharged your compensation should be due to you as normal, seek further advice from us and we will be happy to help you.

Don’t Want The Hassle Of Dealing With The Claim Yourself?

Thats’ what we’re here to help with – let us handle the claim on your behalf

How To Get Started?

If you wish to find out if you are owed PPI compensation then you can start proceedings by contacting us using the form at the top end of the page, from there we will be in contact with you with paperwork and we will ask any further information as required to advance your potential PPI claim.

Alliance & Leicester PPI Claims

March 23rd, 2017 by

Have you had a loan, a mortgage or a credit card with Alliance & Leicester?

Are you looking to claim back PPI on a policy you suspect as been miss sold?

If so read on & we will be happy to help you.

Claims For PPI Compensation Against Alliance & Leicester

For people who suspect they have been miss sold payment protection insurance against alliance & Leicester:

First some reassurance: there have been multiple examples of claims against alliance & Leicester that have resulted in successful PPI refunds.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Miss Sold PPI By Alliance & Leicester?

The good news is if you have a potential claim against Alliance & Leicester we can help you with your case.

Pro TIP: One helpful thing you can do that can benefit your potential claim: initially if you could check to see if you have the paperwork for this claim, but even if you don’t have the paperwork there is no reason why you could not submit your claim to us for assistance, don’t let this issue delay you, just check if you have the original paperwork.

All you have to do to get your claim started is to submit your claim using the online PPI claims form to the upper right hand side of the page.

What Are The Chances Of me having a successful claim against Alliance & Leicester?

This will be dependant on whether or not you have

a) Definitely had PPI attached to a policy you have taken out with this company (we will check this on your behalf for you).

b) Has the PPI that was bundled in with the policy definitely been miss sold? (again we can help to determine this for you).

Claims against Alliance & Leicester have as much chance of being successful as any other PPI claim, so there is nothing about claims of this nature that should deter you from making a claim for compensation.

What Would Be The Average Payout For PPI Compensation With Alliance & Leicester?

The average payout for PPI Claims across the board is around £2,750, this is the average figure we would apply to a claim with this company.

The exact sum of money may vary heavily from one claim to the next and claims can be less OR a lot more depending on the nature of the policy that was miss sold and the amount of time the insurance policy has run for (the payment contributions have a bearing on the amount of compensation due to the customer – for obvious reasons).

What Is The Average Time To Payout With Alliance & Leicester PPI Cases?

In general payouts for successful ppi claims can take something in the range of 2-6 months however refunds can come a lot faster also in some cases slower (our recommendation is you submit a claim ASAP to get started as the sooner you begin the sooner you may receive compensation), the time to payout is almost the same regardless of which claims management company you decide to make your claim with.

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like help with claiming your PPI from Alliance & Leicester, feel free to contact us using the form to the top of the page, from there our expert advisers’ will be in touch with you to proceed with your claim and collect some information from you.

How Do I Know If I Can Claim PPI?

March 22nd, 2017 by

There is a question that keeps coming up amongst people claiming PPI with us at the moment.
That question is: “How Do I Know If I Can Claim PPI” Or “How Can I Tell If I Am Eligible For A PPI Claim?” Other variants of the same question include: “How Can I Identify If I Have A Valid PPI Claim?” & “Can I Claim Compensation For Miss Sold PPI?”

When Answering This Question The First Thing To Check Is “Eligability”

What Makes You Eligible To Claim PPI Compensation?

The first Question You Should Ask Yourself Is:

“Have I had a loan, credit card, store card, mortgage or other financial arrangement that has had PPI Attached to it?”

So you should be checking your paperwork (if you have it) or you should be submitting your claim to us (or another ppi company should you choose) and stating that you don’t have the paperwork when the adviser gives you a welcome call.

If you have the paperwork:

Check the paperwork to see if you have anything contained in there named “payment protection” or “card cover” or “ASU” “Accident Sickness Cover” or something that sounds similar to any of these (if in doubt feel free to submit your claim and we can check this for you).

If you don’t have it:

Submit your claim anyway as we may be able to help you regardless.

The next thing to identify is:

“Was My PPI Miss sold?”

This is something that you will need expert help with more than likely, we have trained advisers that can help you to identify this.

This is because a member of the general public has less experience in dealing with payment protection insurance claims and thus may not be able to deal with situations that can arise when pursuing a potential claim.

What Happens If I Get Stuck & Don’t Know What To Do?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you with your claims.

Reasons We Recommend You Use Our Services In This Situation:

1/ There have been cases where individuals have had valid claims rejected by the banks that have been re-submitted and have been later upheld (resulting in a successful PPI claim)

The customer may not have known to be persistent with their claim and thus, may have given up at this point if it wasn’t for the advice and persistence of our experts.

2/ If the claim needs to be submitted to the FOS (Financial ombudsman service) the customer may not be able to identify that fact, our experienced advisers would know what to do in this situation

3/ We offer a “no win no fee*” PPI claims service & we are prepared to check in advance to find out if you have a valid claim – No upfront fees!

Quick Rundown:

“How Can I Tell If I Have A PPI Claim?”

1/ Check your information

If you have the information: Submit a claim with us

If you don’t: submit a claim with us and let us help you.

To begin a claim with us, complete the form at the upper right hand side of the page.


PPIclaimsService.co.uk Homepage

Can I Claim PPI If I Only Have The Name Of The Bank?

March 21st, 2017 by

When dealing with PPI refunds from the British public we are often asked questions by people looking to make a claim, we are asked a range of questions by people making enquiries and this is a common occurrence.

Some people are asking questions in relation to claiming PPI such as: “What If I Only Have The Name Of The Bank?” & “Can I Still Claim PPI If I Only Have The Name Of The Bank?”

Basically, if you only have the name of the bank and still wish to make a ppi claim, we can work with you.

What Difference Will This Make To My PPI Claim?

We have a way to obtain details in many cases, so this does not necessarily mean you cannot claim PPI, & this doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a problem with your claim.

We can submit an information request to many companies that have miss sold payment protection insurance and thus, we can often get the claim started regardless of this issue.

If you only have the name of your bank or lender that miss sold PPI to you, this basically means we need to obtain more information (something which we are used to) before proceeding further with your ppi claim.

You shouldn’t let this issue deter you from claiming.

Many people start claims when they don’t have information such as the account number or the paperwork that generally goes with the policy they suspect they had PPI on, and the refund can still go ahead.

Any Advice? What Steps Should I Take If This Is The Case?

Our advice is for you to begin ASAP by contacting us using the form to the upper right hand side of the page, this enables us to get started, once we have some initial information and details from you we can get your claim underway, and the sooner you do that the sooner we can get to work for you.

Lack of details in relation to the claim do not affect your rights as a consumer to claim compensation for miss sold PPI, it does not affect statutory rights, it’s just an extra thing to be mindful of when processing a claim.

Our expert advisers’ have dealt with this and similar issues and we can still process claims and help with successful refunds for victims of ppi mis-selling.

Summary Of Our Services

We offer a ppi claims management service Working on a *No win no fee basis.

Our aim is to make the service as convenient as possible for our customers providing them the best possible advice and claims management for a reasonable fee.

We are happy to state we have helped 1000s of customers win compensation for mis sold insurance and continue to do so.

If you would like to make a claim, please fill out the short form to the upper right hand side of the page & an adviser will be in touch with you ASAP.

PPI Claims Deadline Announced: What This Means, Does it Effect You?

March 19th, 2017 by

The Financial Conduct authority have now announced the “PPI Claims Deadline”.

The deadline for people to submit their ppi claims is now 29th august 2019.

What Does This Mean For People Who Have Not Yet Claimed?

It means that you have until the 29th August 2019 to submit your ppi claim. If you leave it until the ppi claims deadline has passed then more than likely you will be ineligible to claim compensation for miss sold payment protection insurance.

Why Is This Deadline Being Introduced?

The reason for this PPI deadline is that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wanted a way to conclude the ppi scandal in a manner that is fair to both the public and the banks.

What this deadline allows is a period of time that should be sufficient for all people who may (have been miss sold) or suspect they have been miss sold ppi to input a claim and maximise their chances of receiving compensation.

It will be accompanied by an awareness campaign that is designed to make all who may have been miss sold ppi aware of the new deadline to give them ample opportunity to claim. It is a measure that is in the interests of consumer fairness.

When Does The Awareness Campaign For The PPI Deadline Begin?

Now that the deadline is announced it is likely that within the next 3 months the awareness campaign will begin.

This will involve informing the general British public en-mass about the deadline, and the fact that they can still claim, but it’s time to do so now before August 2019.

This is part of a £42m campaign that is being carried out starting this year.

Note: you do not have to wait until the awareness campaign starts, you can begin a claim now by visiting the homepage and completing the online form to the upper right hand side of the page.

Reasons Why You Should Claim At-A-Glance:

In case it is not yet clear why (if you have or you suspect you may have been miss sold PPI) you should think about making a claim, read these points below to re-iterate:

1/ You may have a claim that is worth anything between £2,000-£30,000 (average claim value is £2,750) which is probably worth the effort of making enquiries, picking up the phone and filling in a quick form.

2/ You may have multiple claims, many people whom have successfully claim PPI have had multiple claims, so this means your compensation could be a lot more than you may imagine.

3/ There are ppi claims companies out there (we are one of them) who can handle the claim on your behalf if you choose not to, or if you want a more convenient option, (we offer ppi claims and charge operate on a *no win no fee basis).

4/ Any reason why you would want a refund that could be worth £1000s? Good time to think about claiming if you suspect you have had miss sold PPI attached to a loan, mortgage or credit card (or some form of credit).

5/ If you don’t claim your PPI compensation soon, one day it will be too late and you may miss the opportunity, even if you don’t need to put in a claim, you may in the future have a good use for it.

If you would like to make a ppi claim, start by visiting our homepage and from there you can complete the quick online form and we will be in touch with you to start proceedings.

We are willing and able to help you, use our services now before it is too late!