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I Don't Have The Original PPI Paperwork, Can I Still Claim?

Yes. Submit Your PPI Claims To Us As Normal, We Will Still Work With You.

I Think I've Been Miss Sold PPI? What Can I Do?
You have two main choices, you can either: Prepare and submit the claim yourself and have to deal with all the paperwork yourself be prepared to complete any questionnaires and if the lender declines your claim resubmit to the Financial Ombudsman (and pursue the claim yourself accordingly).


Use a professional representative, why not let our ppi claims advisers prepare the claim on your behalf submit to the right lender and deal with all correspondence advising you at every step of the way. If the lender rejects your claim and after due analysis we feel this is the wrong decision we will fight your case and submit to the financial ombudsman asking them to over turn the lenders decision in your favor.

Also see this page for details on how far back in time you can claim PPI: Further Reading: How Far Back Can You Claim PPI? page.

Why Should I Claim With PPIClaimsService.co.uk?
PPIClaimsService.co.uk are a PPI company based in the UK who are actual PPI claims solicitors, this means they have experience and skillsets’ that many PPI claims companies don’t have and are highly experienced in fighting the most complex of PPI cases and successfully winning compensation.

All claims are handled on a *no win no fee basis, and we are happy to check on whether or not you have a valid claim, with no upfront fees to the client.

How Much Can I Claim Back?
The amount of compensation you will receive will depend largely on the nature of the finance you have taken out with your creditors.

Usually, if there are more financial arrangements containing payment protection insurance, then this will result in more claims, and this usually results in larger compensation amounts (than if there was only 1 policy) due to the fact that there are multiple loans/mortgages/credit cards you are claiming on (instead of just one for example).

Most of our clients have more than one claim and every claim is different we will claim back on your behalf all of the premiums paid plus interest.

We pursue the maximum amount of compensation for all of our clients that work with us.
We have done this for 1000s of our customers and we have been able to claim millions in compensation for them.

How Quickly Can I Get My Money Back?
Your first action is to complete the claim form and send back to us we start to prepare your claim immediately most institutions we deal with respond back to us within 8 to 16 weeks.

The amount of time a claim can take to complete can often depend on the complexity of the policies involved, which is something that our advisers would be able to help you with. Many people who choose to claim PPI are also struggling with debt issues, if this is you here is a reputable company to help you deal with debts (they offer debt management plans and IVA’s) Debt Solve You can contact them for help with financial problems.

To Start A PPI Claim, Please Complete the quick form to the top of the page.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Maximize Chances Of A Successful Claim?
It does help if you have your documentation that accompanies your loan/mortgage/credit card agreements along with the account number, however, in the event that this is not to hand we would advise you to still make contact with us to we can start proceedings and advise you, you can also request the documentation for your account from the respective lender that you have/had your agreements in place with, and they should send this information to you by post.

Also, the more contactable you are, the better we can aid you in your ppi claim, we will need to confirm some information with you once you have received the information pack in the post from us, we will walk through the details needed with your in order for us to proceed with your claim and pursue this claim through to a conclusion.

Even things as simple as making sure you submit the full set of information on the “Start A Claim” form at the upper right hand side of the page, this means that we know the correct address to submit the claims pack, along with your name, phone number and email address, so we have a solid set of details from which to contact you with any updates, offers, questions or queries as necessary.

What Happens If There Is No PPI Found?
If you cannot find your paper work and are unsure if ppi was added to your loan we can advise on the next steps to take

If after submitting a claim on your behalf it subsequently transpires that their was no ppi added to your loan or mortgage their will be nothing to pay for the service we have provided.

A fee is payable only on a successful outcome.

Which Banks & Corporations Do You Help To Reclaim PPI From?

We Can Help people claim ppi from ALL the banks and financial corporations that have miss sold ppi, some examples of these companies are below in a list:

“Natwest Bank”
“Midland Bank”
“HFC Bank”
“Alliance & Leicester”
“Capital One”
“LV (Liverpool Victoria)”
“GK Group Limited”
“George White Motors Limited”
“Ringways Garages (Leeds) Limited”
“Ringways Garages (Doncaster)”
“Limited and Park’s of Hamilton (Holdings) Limited”
“1st Stop Finance”
“AA Loans”
“Access Loans And Mortgages”
“Ace Catalogue”
“Advantage Finance Ltd”
“Aegon Scottish Equitable”
“AFSG Ltd”
“Aktiv Kapital”
“Alliance & Leicester”
“AllScot Finance Limited”
“Amber UPVC”
“American Express Customer Service”
“Anglian Windows”
“Argos Ltd”
“Arnold Clark”
“Asda Card Services”
“Ashgrove Securities Ltd”
“Assurant Solutions”
“Assured Solutions ltd”
“Auto Credit Finance (Lending) Ltd”
“Available Car Ltd”
“Aviva (Formerly Norwich Union)”
“AWD Group Plc”
“Bank of Ireland”
“Bank of Scotland”
“Barclays Bank PLC”
“Barclays Partner Finace”
“BCS Loans & Mortgages”
“Beech Tree Financial”
“Bespoke Finance”
“BFS Direct Ltd”
“BHS (Barclays)”
“Black and White mortgages”
“Black Horse Limited”
“Blemain Finance”
“Blue Sky Personal Finance”
“BMW Financial Services”
“Bradford & Bingley”
“Breeze (Southampton) Ltd”
“Brian Leighton Ltd.”
“Bright Finance”
“Britannia Building Society”
“British Credit Trust”
“British Gas Services Ltd”
“BT Credit Card”
“Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited”
“Cahoot loans”
“Capital One”
“Capstone Mortgages”
“Car Craft”
“Car Loan 4U Ltd”
“Cardiff Pinnacle”
“Carland Manchester”
“Carlyle Finance”
“Cashdrive (UK) Ltd”
“Castle Credit”
“CC Automotive Group Ltd”
“Central Capital Ltd”
“Central Marketing Limited”
“Central Trust PLC”
“Centrica Personal Finance Ltd”
“Cheltenham & Gloucester”
“Cheltenham & Gloucester plc”
“C & G plc”
“Cheshire Building Society”
“Cheshire Mortgage Corporation Ltd”
“Cheval Finance”
“Chorley Nissan Preston”
“Chrysler UK Limited”
“CitiFinancial Europe PLC”
“Click for Freedom LLP”
“Close Motor Finance”
“Clydesdale Bank PLC”
“Co-operative Bank”
“Colin Appleyard”
“Colonial Secured Loans”
“Comet Group”
“Concept Car Credit”
“Condensheat LTD”
“Consumer Finance Solutions Ltd”
“Contact 4u Limited”
“Coventry Suzuki”
“Creation Consumer Finance”
“Crystal (IOM) Ltd”
“Crystal Finance”
“Crystal Windows and Doors Ltd”
“Cumberland building societyy”
“Currys Store Card”
“Cyldesdale Bank”
“DDH Consultants”
“Debt Clear Solutions Ltd”
“Derbyshire Home Loans”
“Direct Auto Financial Service”
“Direct Finance UK”
“Direct Line”
“Dorothy Perkins”
“DSG Retail Ltd”
“East Anglian Finance Ltd”
“Easy Money.com”
“Ecotex Coatings”
“Egg Card”
“Egg Loans”
“Endeavour Personal Finance”
“Endeavour Personal Finance ltd”
“Evans Halshaw Motors Ltd”
“Everyday Loans Limited”
“F Cross & Sons”
“Fair & Square”
“Fiat Consumer Finance”
“Finance Express Ltd”
“Financial Services Compensation Scheme”
“First Active”
“First Direct”
“First National Bank Plc”
“First National Finance Limited”
“First National Tricity Finance”
“First Response”
“First Trust Bank”
“First Union Mortgages Ltd”
“Firstplus Financial Group PLC”
“Firthglow Limited”
“Ford Credit”
“Ford Customer Relationship Centre”
“Fortis Lease”
“Freedom Finance Plc”
“Frizzell Bank Ltd”
“Funding Corporation”
“GE Capital”
“GE Money Home Lending”
“GE Money Home Lending ltd”
“GE Money Lending Solutions Limited”
“Goldfish Bank Ltd”
“Gosforth Park Motor Company Ltd”
“Grand Vacation Co Ltd”
“Grant Thornton”
“Greenhill Finance”
“Guardian Finance Ltd”
“HFC Bank”
“HFC Bank Limited”
“Hitachi Capital”
“Holdcroft Toyota”
“Home Bank Mortgages Plc”
“Home Shopping Personal Finance Ltd,”
“Inchcape Financial Services”
“Intelligent Finance”
“ITC Compliance Limited”
“JJB MasterCard Customer Service”
“John Lewis Financial Services”
“KBBC Kitchens”
“Kensington Mortgage Company Limited”
“Key Mortgage Services Ltd”
“Klassicks Motor Company”
“Link Financial”
“Liverpool Victoria”
“Lloyds TSB”
“Lloyds TSB (Personal Loan Service)”
“Loan Line”
“Loan Link”
“Loans ETC Ltd”
“Lombard Direct”
“London Mortgage Company”
“London Scottish Bank”
“Lookers, Vauxhall”
“Lothian Finance Ltd”
“Loughborough Building Society Credit Cards”
“Ls Financial Services Limited”
“LS Financial Services Ltd”
“Luton Borough Council”
“M D Nationwide Ltd”
“Maitland Finance”
“Mann Island Finance Limited”
“Manor Credit”
“Marks & Spencers”
“Marsh Finance”
“MBNA Europe Bank Limited”
“Midland & General Direct Ltd (GE Money)”
“Mission Motorcycles”
“MoneyExpert Limited (loans.co.uk)”
“Morgan Stanley & Co International Plc”
“Mortgage Agency Services No 5 Ltd”
“Mortgage Expess”
“Motor Depot”
“Nationwide Building Society”
“Nemo Personal Finance”
“Northern bank Ltd”
“Northern Rock”
“Northridge Finance Limited”
“Norton Finance”
“Oakwood Homeloans”
“Ocean Finance”
“Only Loans Ltd”
“Options Financial Services”
“Pacific Home Loans”
“Paragon Personal Finance”
“Park Motor Finance”
“Paymentshield Ltd”
“Peugeot Finance”
“Phone a Loan”
“Picture Finance”
“Pinnacle Insurance Plc”
“Platform Motgages”
“Polar Ford”
“Positive Solutions”
“Post Office Financial Services”
“Preferred Mortgages Limited”
“Premier Writers”
“Promise Finance”
“Providan Financial Corporation”
“RBS Nautilus Limited”
“RCI Financial Services Limited”
“Refinance Company”
“RegalStrong Ltd”
“Renault Finance Services LTD”
“Renault Liverpool”
“RFS Limited”
“RFS Limited”
“Robspeed Motorcycles Ltd”
“Rooftop Mortgages”
“Royal Bank of Scotland”
“RSA Limited”
“Safestyle UK”
“Saga Personal Finance”
“Sainsburys Bank”
“Santander Cards UK Limited”
“Scottish Widows Bank”
“Shop Direct Finance Company Limited”
“Shopping Personal Finance Ltd”
“Sidey Glaziers”
“Simply Be”
“Skipton Building Society”
“Sky Card”
“Smart Finance”
“Smarter Loan Limited”
“Southern Finance Co Ltd”
“Southern Pacific Loans”
“Space Kitchens & bedrooms Ltd”
“Space Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd”
“Star Loans and Finance Limited”
“Sterling Finance (UK) Ltd”
“Studio ltd”
“Style Financial Services Limited”
“Supremoglaze Home Products Ltd”
“Swale Motors”
“Swift Advances”
“SYGMA Bank”
“Target Loan Servicing Ltd”
“Tesco Personal Finance”
“The Cooperative Bank”
“The Coventry Builing Society”
“The Funding Corporation”
“The GM Card”
“The Mortgage Advice Shop Ltd”
“The Mortgage Works”
“The Personal Loan Express”
“The Personal Loan Express Ltd”
“The Principality Building Society”
“The Willow Tree Management”
“Think Loans and Mortgages”
“Thomas Cook Finance”
“Tiny Computers Ltd”
“Total Mortgage Network”
“Toyota Financial Services”
“Transcom Worldwide”
“Two Wheel City”
“V12 Finance.Com”
“Vanquis Visa Card”
“Vauxhall Finance”
“Virgin Credit Card”
“Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd”
“W H Realisations Ltd”
“Wavertree Car Centre”
“Weatherseal Holdings Ltd”
“weatherseal Home improvements”
“Weatherseal Home improvements Ltd”
“Welcome Financial Services Limited”
“West Car Sales”
“WH Realisation Ltd”
“Wilmslow Financial Services”
“World Of Home Improvements Ltd”
“WR Davies”
“Yes Car Credit/ ACF Car Finance Limited”
“Yorkshire Bank”
“Zenith Windows”
“Egg Loans/Credit Cards”

All of the above companies & more can be reclaimed from by us at PPIClaimsService.co.uk (formerly PPIClaims4you.co.uk), any company at all that has miss sold payment protection insurance to the british public.

We can work on cases from all institutions that miss sold the product, including all of those listed.

Which Financial Products Is It Possible To Claim Back On? If PPI Is Found?

There Are Some Different Types Of Financial Product That Have Been Found To Contain Payment protection insurance:

Mortgages: It is well known that mortgages have contained many miss sold policies packaged into the agreements that have been sold for the last 20 years to UK residents, many people have been successful in winning compensation & this continues to be the case today with many people still having mortgage claims accepted & paid out.

Loans: Perhaps the most common and well known type of reclaim, loans continue to be the mainstay of the cases received by the reclaim management companies. Many success stories in claiming on miss sold loan policies and this continues to this day (& will likely continue well into the future in this industry)

Credit Cards: Again, a very common type of product that contains packaged miss sold insurance, “card protection” or “card cover” are some of the most common aliases by which payment insurance is identified on these agreements, many successes & this continues on a daily basis with many claimants having credit cards that have pre-packaged miss sold insurance.

Store Cards: These have also contained “payment cover” which is a common alias of ppi, many people have won compensation on these complaints also

Car Finance: Even car finance agreements have had “repayment cover” “repayment insurance” and many other forms of this miss sold product attached to them, many packaged up without the customers knowledge or approval, these can also be refunded just as other types of cover.

Other Purchase Arrangements: There are lots of other forms of payment protection that are included under many other aliases, many companies that offer “purchase agreements”, or “guaranteed payment plans” and build payment insurance into their cover schemes and this is often wrongly sold, our best advice if you think you have a policy that you are unsure about is to get in touch.

Feel free to start your claim at this page: “Best PPI Claims Company No Win No Fee”